Hypnobirthing Classes

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Mon Sept 30 - Oct 28            

7:00 - 9:30 PM : Wellness From Within Ctr

2752 Taylor LANE, Crescent Beach 

Cost: $230 - $265


learn how you can embrace the beauty of birth.

In a 4-week series, we offer hypnobirthing classes for expecting mothers and their partners. What to expect:

  • Practical skills to enhance your labour progress

  • Detailed explanation of labour and birth process

  • Relaxation practice

  • Self-hypnosis techniques

  • Learn how to alleviate your fear

  • Tension reduction

  • Increase your comfort and confidence

Together with your partner, we'll help you explore your personal beliefs and their impact on how you approach birth. We have had many families benefit from these techniques and our years of midwifery experience. Our heart is for the beauty of birth—let us help you learn to feel that, too!

We offer a discount to former and current Ostara Midwifery clients. Have questions, or want to register? Give us a call or send us an email.


The Basics of Hypnobirthing

Opening Your Heart

Hypnosis is a wonderful technique to ease into deep relaxation, respond to labour and give birth with calm assurance. As you connect with the power of your inner wisdom, opening your mind and body and heart to your baby, you let go into the natural birth process. Connecting to your baby in loving awareness, you enhance your ability to work closely with your partner.

Opening Your Mind

Hypnosis is a naturally induced state of relaxed concentration similar to meditation or guided visualization. It is a natural state of the imaginative, intuitive mind, when you bypass the analytical, critical mind. Studies have shown many benefits for mothers using self-hypnosis techniques during labour including: reduced need for pain medication, shorter labours, less fatigue, increased sense of control and confidence and decreased postpartum depression. Mothers also have the advantage of being fully alert and present for immediate bonding with baby.

There is no magic to achieving this natural state of self-hypnosis. Anyone can choose to reach this level of deep relaxation, and re-directed focus. Daydreaming, or being deeply absorbed in reading a book, are examples of ways we frequently access this relaxed creative state of mind. With training and practice, self-hypnosis is a valuable life skill to reduce stress, manage pain, change negative beliefs, and prepare for birth.

Opening your Body

For birth, hypnosis creates a resource state allowing the mother to cope with whatever challenges arise during birth. Working in harmony with your labour, as contractions come, you will go quickly into focused relaxation. Your body’s natural anesthesia (endorphins), will replace the stress hormones that increase the perception of pain.

As labour progresses, you will be fully aware and may choose to be active and relating to those around you. Between contractions your mind body and baby will sink into rest and recovery. This is beneficial in reducing fatigue, and allowing energy for your full involvement at the time of birth. You will also have the advantage of being fully alert and present for immediate bonding with your baby.


Here's what mothers had to say about our hypnobirthing class:

Practicing Hypnobirthing during my labour created a peaceful experience for both myself and my husband Dwayne. I felt quite excited when I started to go into labour, knowing that it meant that I would get to meet my baby soon. Dwayne helped me in the early hours by reading a few of the scripts provided in the class that helped to get me into a really relaxed state. After that, I used the ‘Rainbow relaxation’ mediation recording and listened to it repeatedly throughout my labour.

The breathing taught in the Hypnobirthing class also helped me to get through the rise and fall of each contraction, as I knew when to expect it to peak and then be over. Although I would still describe labour as a painful experience, it was very manageable with the techniques I learned and I felt very relaxed and in control throughout the labour.

We did not know that the baby was in the posterior position, so I must have experienced what is known as ‘back labour’ and described as very painful by many women. However, in spite of this positioning, Hypnobirthing allowed my body to rise to the challenge. I would recommend Hypnobirthing to any woman who would like to have a great birthing experience!
— Angela
It was my partner who suggested that we use hypnobirthing for labour and delivery, I had never heard of this style before and was a bit skeptical at first. I was unsure if I would actually be able to deliver our daughter without some form of medical intervention, however kept an open mind.

When my contractions did finally start I put to work all the breathing and meditation that I had been practicing for the last several weeks, and to my surprise the contractions were tolerable even in the late stages of labour and I was able to remain calm through the whole delivery!

Once we arrived at the hospital I was still able to breathe through the contractions and more importantly, breathe our baby down and out. This was truly an exceptional and liberating moment.

I would highly recommend hypnobirthing to other pregnant couples, this technique allowed us to labour at home as long as possible, taught us that contractions can be quite tolerable when taught how to properly breathe through them and most importantly allowed us to have the natural birth we were hoping for!

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with both Bridget and Janice throughout our pregnancy, and as first-time parents, the follow up care has been both comforting and very welcoming!
— Nicole