Why midwifery?

Midwives are experts in natural birth. Generally, births attended by midwives result in shorter hospital times and fewer interventions (eg. epidurals or emergency C-sections). 

Are there any costs for your services?

None! Midwifery care is covered by the Medical Services Plan in BC.

What's the difference between a midwife and a doula?

A midwife is your healthcare provider, while a doula is more of a personal birth coach. We have worked with some great doulas, and we believe in surrounding mothers with community-based care.

Hospital or home birth?

Some parents feel most comfortable and relaxed giving birth at home. For women who have uncomplicated, low-risk pregnancies, home birth is a safe choice.  Midwives are trained and prepared to handle emergency situations that may arise at home for mother and baby. We do not hesitate to transfer to the hospital and consult with physicians when needed.

For the latest research about the safety of Home birth in BC, visit the Midwives Association of BC website.