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Philosophy of Care

As midwives, we have been educated with a strong emphasis on the normalcy of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We wholeheartedly believe that these are natural, physiological processes for which women’s bodies were designed. We also have excitement for the beauty of birth, and view it as one of the highest experiences of life for both the parents and their baby. We see our clients in the context of their families, friends, work lives, cultural, and spiritual values. Our goal is to support the entire family and their support circle as they have the most peaceful and joyful birth experience possible. Additionally, we strive to offer individualized support during the whole childbearing year, providing access to a midwife 24 hours a day, any day of the week.


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I was introduced to midwifery over 30 years ago, when I moved to a small coastal town in Northern California. Many of my friends were having their babies at home with local midwives. A friend invited me to attend her home birth. I was awestruck by the beauty and naturalness of the birth, and amazed at the support and calm competency the midwives provided. As my interest grew, I spent several years providing childbirth education and hospital labor support. Re-locating to Seattle, I enrolled in Seattle Midwifery School and graduated in 1997. My studies included work in a variety of Seattle area practices, as well as training in St Lucia, West Indies, and the Philippines. 

My professional experience has included working with women and their families in a variety of social and health programs, as both a social worker and a counsellor. I am also certified as a lactation educator, hypnotherapist, and hypnobirthing instructor. In 2015, I opened Ostara Midwifery out of my desire to provide more personalized attention to women and their families in a smaller practice setting. 

I am the proud mother of two wonderful sons and have four beautiful grandchildren. After many years of supporting women and their families as they give birth, I still feel inspired by every mother’s strength. I feel privileged every single time I get to witness a baby take their first breath, as they are welcomed into loving arms.

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I trained as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Midwife in Ghana, West Africa where I was born and raised, and have a total of 29 years work experience. My passion for midwifery has its origin from my mother who practiced as an Independent Midwife for over thirty (30) years. 

Currently I am a member of the Midwives Association of Saskatchewan and was the first full time practicing Midwife in Regina. As the first practicing midwife, I had the responsibility to educate the health region about the important role of the midwife. I actively helped organize workshops and presented to the various care providers who are involved with women and children’s health.

I am married and have two adult girls. I love to travel and enjoy working with diverse groups of people. Unlike my mother, I had never taken the chance to work as an independent practitioner until now. Community-based midwifery care is something I believe should be accessible to all expectant mothers, as well as the ultimate choice between hospital and home birth.